Do you do customs?

Yes! If there is a specific stone you want that you don't see, or size/combo that would be more ideal for you, I can try to make it happen. Send an email to info@thebenchmarkcollection.com and I will do my best to accommodate!  

Are all of the plates double-sided?

Yes! All of the Plates have either LB or KG measurements on both sides, unless it's a stud-earring, ring, or drop-plate style. 

Can I have a pendant put on to a chain I already own?

Currently, I don't offer this service. Subscribe to our newsletter to be put on a list to be notified if I offer this service in the future. In the meantime, if you want a pendant on your own chain, you can take them to your local jeweler to assemble. (Support your local jeweler! :)

What is the difference between oxidized and unoxidized silver?

Oxidized silver pieces will be darkened in recessed areas, whereas unoxidized silver pieces will have a brushed matte background.  Oxidation may lighten or vary over time, depending on how often the piece is worn, as well as individual skin oils and sweat.

Do you use solid metal, or plated?

Benchmark pieces are always either solid 14k gold or sterling silver (or platinum, if you want!). If you are not allergic to those metals, they are great for everyday wear. If the sterling silver is already oxidized, it may darken on the highly-polished edges slightly over time, but a quick rub with a polishing cloth purchased from your local jeweler or online will do the trick if you want to brighten up your piece in the future. It's possible that it may need a proper polish from a jeweler in the future, though.

How do I order wholesale?

For wholesale inquiries, please email info@thebenchmarkcollection.com

Any other questions?

Feel free to use this contact form, or shoot me an email at info@thebenchmarkcollection.com. I'm happy to help! Just a reminder that the person responding to the email is the same person making the pieces, so it might take me a few days to get back to you :)


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